S.R.L. In 1950, the family Paolelli began working with some experienced master craftsmen in the creation of artifacts garden shaped by hand. Through this partnership is founded the company in Italgarden Rignano Flaminio (Rome), which over the years became worldwide for the superior merit of their products, which is reflected in all the experience, the passion and artistry of workers.  


Following various changes in corporate was founded in 2005 Paolelli Garden Ltd which is on the market with the brand and with the products of traditional line Italgarden while maintaining the levels of quality and value have always known and appreciated all over the world.  


The Paolelli Garden srl is composed of a skilled staff of technicians and staff who have helped the company with their expertise and skills to succeed on the national and international market by allowing continuous and stable relationships with customers. Along with its production in reconstituted stone, our company also offers related products such as vases in terracotta and clay-fiber, providing customers a wide and varied.  


The vast experience together with an efficient organization Paolelli allow the Garden to make quick deliveries of even small quantities anywhere and at any time of year. The Paolelli Garden attentive to current trends in furniture garden offers a collection that ranges from classic to contemporary taste, making your gardens and your terraces of the exclusive and sought after.